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OPDI’s NewsToGo is an electronic newsletter which is focused on research, resources, policy and legislative information of relevance to consumer/survivor organizations and to broader stakeholders in the healthcare sector. You will also find updates about OPDI as well as job postings and events that would be of interest to the readership.

Issue #542 / January 11, 2018

Highlights include:  Young People Want Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources in Schools; Patrick Brown Editorial on Mental Health; Homelessness in the News; Fixing the Disability Tax Credit; OTN Reviews Apps; Job Postings; News; and More.

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Issue #541 / January 3, 2018

Highlights include:  OHIP+ Now in Effect; World's First Mental Health Ambulance; PSC Merges with CMHA National; Ontario Mental Health Helpline Now Has an App; Job Postings; News; and More.

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Issue #540 / December 15, 2017

Highlights include:   Peer Support Radio Documentary (Podcast and Transcript); The Always Readable Dr. Gabor Mate Interviewed; Racism in Mental Health; "Sharing Together" Report about Evidence Needs and Priorities Now Available; Job Postings; News; and More.

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Issue #539 / December 7, 2017

Highlights include:   Expansion of Opioid Overdose Kits to Police and Fire Personnel; More on the Basic Income Project; Federal Housing Strategy Reviewed; B.C. Mental Health Act; New National Suicide Prevention Service; Job Postings; News; and More.

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Issue #538 / November 29, 2017

Highlights include:   CSIs Updates; New Hospital Discharge Process; Nominate a Worthy Peer Support Organization; Ontario PCs Release Platform; Federal Housing Strategy; Post-Secondary Helpline; Job Postings; News; and More.

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Issue #537 / November 22, 2017

Highlights include:   Mississauga Halton Peer Knowledge Exchange Event December 6 (Almost Sold Out); Homeless Shelters versus Housing First; Federal Retail Cannabis Regulations Proposed; Drug Users Asked to Solve Opioids Crisis; Job Postings; News; and More.

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Issue #536 / November 15, 2017

Highlights include:   Offer Feedback on Income Security Reform Report; Patient Ombudsman Report; U of T Proposes Mental Health Leave Policy; Violence and Mental Illness; Cannabis Taxation; Job Postings; News; and More.

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Issue #535 / November 7, 2017

Highlights include:  Provincial and Federal Cannabis Legislation Updates; SAD; Mental Health Courts Report; Coming off Prescription Opioids on One's Own; Our Voice/Notre Voix Survey; 2018 Peer Support Conference Call for Abstracts; Job Postings; News; and More.

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Issue #534 / October 30, 2017

Highlights include:  ODSP Changes; OHRC on Academic Accommodation;  Tasers and De-Escalation in Crisis Situations; Federal Disability Tax Credit News; Medical Marijuana; Job Postings; News; and More.

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Issue #533 / October 16, 2017

Highlights include:  OPDI Board Nominations; Basic Income Project Update; OHRC Acts on Segregation of Persons with Mental Disabilities; Psychotherapy Funding Announced; Drugged Driving; WSIB Proposed Changes; Job Postings; News; and More.

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NewsToGo is OPDI’s e-mail update providing timely and meaningful information to its stakeholders. The ideas expressed are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of OPDI. We welcome your submissions; please direct them to Preference will be given to material which directly relates to OPDI member affiliates and issues of concern to consumer/survivors throughout Ontario. We reserve the right to edit the length and style of all materials submitted.

"From Madhouse To Our House"


September 5, 2017
The Brave New World of Health Quality Standards

The other day, I participated in a webinar for a draft presentation of Quality Standards of Care for Schizophrenia in the Community. As an individual with lived experience, my viewpoint was decidedly…

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