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Diabetes and Mental Health Peer Support Program

The first additional module was developed in a two-year partnership project led by Canadian Mental Health Association and funded by the Lawson Foundation. Recognizing the significantly elevated risk factors for diabetes among the population affected by mental health issues, and knowing the power of peer support, it was felt that peer workers, armed with knowledge about diabetes, would be ideally positioned to support people with prevention, recognition and self-management of diabetes. The project undertook to create a two-day training using the same consultative approach as the Core Essentials program used, and leveraging from trainers that OPDI already has in place. Seven of our first ten Core Essentials trainers were trained to deliver the diabetes training, and in total 80 peer supporters across Ontario to date were trained to provide diabetes support to their peers. The project highly recommends anyone taking the diabetes training should have a good basic training and experience in peer support before taking this module.

The project was completed in March 2011, and future implementation of training will rest with OPDI. There is an entire website, hosted by CMHA ON, dedicated to disseminating information about this training. Please visit

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