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Issue 584 / December 13, 2018

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Registration now open for the Racialized Populations and Mental Health Court Diversion Think Tank

Join the Racialized Populations and Mental Health & Addictions COI as we get together to discuss the challenges and implications of being a racialized person going through the justice system.

Join us in-person or via webinar!

The objectives of the think tank are to:

  • Hear from racialized individuals with mental health and addictions issues who have interacted with the justice system.
  • Discuss why and why the criminal justice system should collect standardized data.
  • Find strategies and develop recommendations to improve the wellbeing of racialized individuals who are moving through the criminal justice system.
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Ontario Newsroom

Ontario's Government for the People Supporting Compassionate End-Of-Life Care

Helping more people get end-of-life care in a home-like setting

Ontario Seeking Ideas from the People for the 2019 Budget

Opportunity now open to share innovative budget ideas
Lived Experience

Cold Specks details her battle with schizophrenia and hospitalization

“Schizophrenia, anorexia, crippling depression, suicide attempts. There’s a lot to write about.”

She says it with a chuckle, but Ladan Hussein — the Toronto singer/songwriter better known by her stage name, Cold Specks — spent a good year in hell to earn that laugh. She’s not kidding around. There’s a deep well of autobiographical material waiting to be plumbed on the next Cold Specks album, and none of it is pretty.


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Opioid Crisis

China won’t stop flood of fentanyl into Canada, sources say

The opioid crisis and record-setting death counts caused by fentanyl flooding into Canada could get worse because of a growing diplomatic dispute with China, sources have informed Global News.

Canadian law enforcement agencies have found that fentanyl and its chemical precursors are mostly produced in southern China factories and sent to North America via shipping containers, and in the mail.


Their pain is real – and for patients with mystery illnesses, help is coming from an unexpected source

‘It’s all in your head’ isn’t something many patients love to hear, but for some of those with the least understood and most expensive ailments, it may be true – and a made-in-Canada approach is uncovering new evidence to back that up



Human Rights Commission releases 'unprecedented' report on racial profiling by Toronto police


Teen Vaping & Smoking

Teen Vaping Has Taken a Worrisom Turn

As he tallied his latest data on vaping rates among Canadian teens, University of Waterloo Prof. David Hammond tried to find reasons not to believe his own research.

That's because the results were troubling.



Racialized Populations and Mental Health Court Diversion Background Paper​

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Findings and Opportunities from the Continuing Care Project

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Keep it complex: Study shows that previous research oversimplified Schizophrenia symptoms

Negative symptoms in schizophrenia can be so disabling that they interfere with a person's ability to attend school, begin a fulfilling career, and even live independently. Scientists suggest a new way to classify the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, which may influence research and treatment in years to come.​
Community of Interest

Racialized Populations Community of Interest

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Call for Participation

Gambling and Cannabis Youth Survey

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Call for Members

Provincial System Support Program Lived Experience & Family Advisory Panel. 

You may remember similar initiatives such as the Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) Persons with Lived Experience and Family Member’s Advisory PanelThat panel is now transitioning to form the basis of this new, program-wide panel.

We are seeking new members to join this panel and contribute important feedback and perspectives of lived experience to our system change work.


  • Members with skills in critical thinking, analysis, stakeholder engagement
  • Members with knowledge of health equity and the social determinants of health
  • Members who can collaborate and work with people who have different viewpoints, have a respectful and honest dialogue and incorporate broader system-level perspectives into their contributions.

We would particularly benefit from recruiting people in the 18-35 age range, newcomers, Francophones, those from racialized groups, people that identify as First Nations, Inuit and Métis, as well as those from rural areas and small communities, including those in Northern Ontario. 

Attached you will find a PDF of our CALL FOR MEMBERS and the application form. 


For more information, please contact Christina Foisy (Engagement Advisor)

416-535-8501 x 36505

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E-Mental health Conference

Feb 1-2, 2019 Vancouver, B.C.

Early bird registration until Dec 31
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Peer Support Worker
CAMH Toronto
View job posting

Outreach Coordinator
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Midwestern Region -Kitchener, ON
View job posting

Peer Specialist
Penbrook Regional Hospital - Crisis Team
View job posting

Manager - Community Programs, Peer Engagement, and Volunteers
Fife House Foundation - Toronto
View job posting

Peer Navigator/Research Assistant
Access Open Minds - Chatham-Kent, ON
View job posting

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) Facilitator
Hope and Me - Mood Disorders Association of Ontario - Toronto, ON
View job posting

Student Wellness Coordinator
University of Waterloo
View job posting

Relief Peer Support Worker
Canadian Mental Health Association- Peel Branch
View job posting

Totally Outright Program Coordinator
AIDS Committee of Toronto
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"From Madhouse To Our House"


January 9, 2019
Why the Definition of “Disability” in Social Assistance Matters to PWLE in Ontario

Ontarians head into the New Year, more than a month since the November 22nd press conference that outlined social assistance changes. Apart from remarks by the Minister at that time that any…

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