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Issue 582 / November 30, 2018

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For PWLE (people with lived experience) of mental health and addictions, last week’s announcement of social assistance reform may have significance in one potential change – how the province intends to define the term “disability” in the future.

Please read the OPDI statement and background here.

 Report on OPDI Conference "Peer Support is Blossoming Everywhere"

Please read the report including the evaluations from our conference.

Peer Support Compensation Survey

From the desk of Barbara Frampton
Hope all is well with you as we move into what is quickly feeling like winter.
In order to set a standard and work towards collaborating with other organizations when they come forward questions regarding Peer Support standards, we have collaborated with Stella's Place in Toronto on this survey piece.
Ontario Peer Development Initiative and Stella's Place are very much wanting to stay in tune with current Peer Support Worker roles, salaries and work arrangements.  As we see growth in the number of peer roles in the system (which is very excellent), through increased training opportunities and role development for peer support workers, we are both willing to facilitate information gathering in the mental health and recovery sector.  Also, there are a number of approaches to job categories and titles across organizations.
We are hoping that you will be interested in contributing to our collective learning by completing this anonymous survey.  We will share results with those organizations who participate with the permission of contributors.  Please feel free to contact either Robin Witty, our HR manager ( or Barb Frampton ( if you have any questions or thoughts.
Please go to the link below and complete the survey by December 3rd.
We thank you for your willingness to support the impactful role of peers with lived experience in the mental health workforce.
Do you have a project you would like OPDI to collaborate with you on?  Contact me and let's make it happen.
All the best,



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Ontario Newsroom

Government announcement on affordable housing 

They claim the action plan will make housing more affordable and increase choice

House of Commons Passes Bill C-81, the proposed Accessible Canada Act, Without Key Amendments Needed to Strengthen It

Lived Experience

'Complete torture': Mentally ill man shouldn't have been in solitary, inquest told

The sister of a mentally ill man who died in hospital after hanging himself at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre (OCDC) told an inquest Monday that Cleve Geddes should have been sent to hospital, not solitary confinement.

"I don't understand how it can be an option for somebody in my brother's situation, for that person to be put into a jail," 

Related: Ontario inmates with mental health issues still segregated for months at a time, ministry data dump reveals

More Than 4,000 Prisoners With Serious Mental Illness Are Held in Solitary Confinement, Study Finds

Sandy Forsyth died of an opioid overdose. His family wanted to tell his story

It was [Sandy's brother, Bruce] who wanted Sandy’s story to be told. There is more to it than ‘Man dies of fentanyl overdose in Vanier,’ he said.

When will we solve mental illness?

Biology was supposed to cure what ails psychiatry. Decades later, millions of people with mental disorders are still waiting.


Ontario Government Goes Back to Failed Rent Control Policy

Last week, Ontario’s Minister of Finance announced that rent control rules will no longer protect tenants that will move into new residential units coming on the market.

Canada has found the key to lowering drug prices, but it won't be used any time soon

Health Canada has quietly delayed implementation date for controversial drug rules

Therapy in Walmart? That's a thing now.

A Boston company is taking the concept of retail health care to a new level — offering mental health treatment in a Walmart.​
Cannabis Policy

Cannabis Legalization: A Message from Mike DeVillaer

Long-time advocates of cannabis law reform, perhaps less mesmerized by the spectacle of a glamorous, lucrative new industry, are left wondering what has happened to the compassion and sense of justice that fueled the drive for reform for more than a half-century. These humanitarian concerns appear to have been marginalized. Read more...

View Presentations by Michael DeVillaer
View Report: Cannabis Law Reform in Canada: Pretense & Perils



Employment for People Living with Mental Illness Workshop - Summary Report

On June 19, 2018 the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) hosted a one-day workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This workshop brought together over 100 people consisting of supported employment professionals, employers, people with lived experience, researchers, social enterprises, and experts from across Canada to explore opportunities for greater engagement and collaboration focused on addressing the complex employment needs of individuals living with mental illness.Read more...

Mental Health May Benefit from Face-to-Face Social Contact – But Not Online

In-person social contact may help buffer against symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but the same is not true of contact on Facebook, according to a new study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.​
Research Opportunity
Research Opportunity

Improving the Workplace for People with Disabilities - survey

There are significant data and information gaps on persons with disabilities in Durham Region. Without access to timely, accurate and comprehensive labour market information and data it is difficult to appropriately plan programs, services and interventions to assist in labour market attachment. Access to labour market information and data will better allow programs and supports to be appropriately resourced, well-integrated and coordinated to minimize the barriers for youth with disabilities to achieve appropriate long-term attachment to the workforce.

If you are a person or know a person who identifies as having a disability in Durham Region I personally urge you to fill out/share this email or the attached flyer. We need local perspectives to shape programs and services for Durham and the Durham Workforce Authority is the go to for local workforce information.

Help them gain a better understanding of persons with disabilities by completing the survey,

Download the flyer

This study has been approved by the UOIT Research Ethics Board REB #14945 on August 10, 2018

Social Assistance in Ontario: What's happened and what's next?

Your Legal Rights
Dec 6, 2018 at 10 am

Peer Support Worker
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health - Toronto, ON 
View job posting

Indigenous Harm Reduction Worker
Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy - Toronto, ON 
View job posting

Peer Group Facilitators – Purchase of Service
Interim Place - Mississauga, ON
We require 6 Peer Group Facilitators to participate on an advisory committee, develop a curriculum and co-facilitate a support group for women who have experienced violence for 12 weeks.
View job posting

Family Peer Supporter - Ottawa
Parents' Lifelines of Eastern Ontario - Ottawa, ON 
View job posting
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"From Madhouse To Our House"


January 9, 2019
Why the Definition of “Disability” in Social Assistance Matters to PWLE in Ontario

Ontarians head into the New Year, more than a month since the November 22nd press conference that outlined social assistance changes. Apart from remarks by the Minister at that time that any…

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