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Mad Students – Call for Zine Submissions!

May 1, 2021

MADZine Research invites submissions from Mad* and neurodivergent students that offer creative and critical alternatives to typical approaches to ‘student mental health’ and neurodiversity.

It will be organized on the following theme:

Mad student* organizing, community building, and associated recommendations for learning and teaching in postsecondary/higher education.

All current or former students (1) from colleges and universities who (2) identify with madness, addiction, and/or neurodivergence are welcome to submit.

The zine seeks to:

  1. Gather examples that inspire, encourage, and support Mad student organizing.

  2. Provoke discussion and exchange on the following questions:

    • What are Mad students doing to advocate, resist oppression, support each other, and/or to build community in colleges and universities?

    • What has Mad student organizing, advocacy, or community meant to those involved?

    • How are Mad students connecting to broader Mad/peer-based movements, communities, and histories beyond campus?

    • How are Mad students influencing what is taught about mental health, addiction, and neurodiversity and the ways colleges and universities addressstudents’ mental health needs?

    • Emerging from these creative alternatives, what inspirations, provocations and recommendations do Mad students have for postsecondary/higher education learning and teaching, professors, staff, and fellow students?

    • What do Mad students want the future of learning and teaching to look like? What needs to change?

  3. Identify and link Mad student initiatives in different local, regional, national, and temporal contexts.

  4. Create an output that can connect and enrich debates and initiatives in the area of‘student mental health’ and provide a jumping off point for future initiatives.

Format/Genre: The zine welcomes individual and group submissions in textual (words) and/or visual formats that can be printed. Formats may include, but are not limited to:

Creative arts (e.g., collage, comics, graphic design, drawing, painting, photography)

    • Literary arts (e.g., dialogues/interviews, essays, lyrics, poetry, reflections, satire, short

      fiction, theatre scripts)

    • Other (e.g., games, lists, puzzles, recipes, quizzes...)

      There is a maximum of 1500 words (for literary pieces), and up to 3 letter-sized pages (for visual pieces), though we especially welcome shorter works! Our goal is to include submissions from a wide variety of individuals/groups and to accept as many as we can.

      Authors of accepted pieces will be asked to provide material for accessibility purposes at a later time and/or consulted in the preparation of these components (e.g., alternative text for images).

Learn more about submission requirements and deadlines here

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