Our members put the “peer” in “peer support”.

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Consumer Survivor Initiatives and Peer Support Organizations – run by and for people with lived experience – have provided peer support and related services since the Ontario Ministry of Health first funded about 65 of them in 1991. Ontario’s example is one that many jurisdictions across the world have hoped to emulate. With more than 25 years of peer support under their belts, and serving thousands of Ontarians at any given time, we are quite confident in saying that OPDI members are Ontario’s leading subject experts on peer support.

OPDI is an organization of organizations and unfortunately there is no individual membership. We do encourage you to check our member page to connect with your local CSI or Peer Support Organization. Individuals are welcome to sign up on the home page to receive the NewsToGo, our electronic newsletter which is focused on research, resources, policy and legislative information of relevance to consumer/survivor organizations and to broader stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

General Members

Are consumer/survivor initiatives (CSI’s) and peer support organizations (PSO’s). These organizations are governed in a number of different ways from stand-alone organizations to programs within a larger mental health and addictions organization. However, they all have a common goal to support people with lived experience on their recovery and enable them to transition from mental health services back into their community. 

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Associate Members

Are organizations with an expressed interest in promoting positive change for people with lived experience and in supporting the objectives of OPDI.

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What our Members are Saying

Peer Supporting has been successful and well implemented in our Organization and the Community. We believe OPDI's Peer Support Training & Support from their Staff to ours has led us in many directions. Thank you OPDI for all you do.

P.S.N.E., Peer Supporting Mental Health, Addictions, Poverty & Homelessness

Thank you to OPDI for making a difference in my life and the lives of people with lived experience around this province and beyond. OPDI makes sure we have our hands on the pulse of what’s going on around the province with all the information in their NewsToGo. They are one strong consumer/survivor Provincial voice that supports us all and gives us opportunities to give feedback and to attend their conferences. OPDI always makes me feel heard. I don’t know what we would do without them.

Judy Hoover, Executive Director, Consumer/Survivor Initiative of Niagara