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About OPDI

OPDI represents the consumer voice by highlighting the achievements and challenges, potential and needs of our member organizations and the many individuals who use them. We represent their interests at the major provincial mental health/addiction policy planning and strategy implementation tables.


The Ontario Peer Development Initiative’s mission is to strengthen and promote diverse peer voices in Ontario, through community building, information-sharing, collaboration, advocacy, and education. 


A world in which lived experience is valued, peer autonomy and peer culture are protected, diversity is respected, and peer support is available to all. 


  • Lived Experience and Experiential knowledge
    OPDI values lived experience and the skills and knowledge gained through experiencing mental health and/or substance use concerns, and navigating systems and related systemic barriers, stigma, and discrimination.
  • Independent Peer Voice 
    OPDI is member-driven and rooted in and accountable to the history of the Consumer/Survivor movement and sustaining an independent, peer voice.
  • Diversity as Strength
    OPDI advocates for social justice, equity, anti-oppression, anti-racism, and inclusion.  We respect and value all people and embrace diverse experiences related to race, religion, spiritualty, ethnicity, gender identity, age, class, income, sexual identity, disability, geographic location, and unique life experiences.
  • Hope and Wellness/Recovery
    OPDI believes in the right of each individual to self determine their own approach to wellness/recovery and to learn from their peers.
  • Integrity, Transparency, and Honesty
    OPDI acts with integrity, transparency, and honesty in all its relationships and partnerships.
  • Innovation through Partnership and Collaboration
    OPDI is committed to building and fostering an innovative peer community through partnership and collaboration. We are stronger together than alone.


"From Madhouse To Our House"


March 22, 2021
Addressing the Rise of Anti-Asian Racism and Supporting Asian-Canadian Community Members

Anti-Asian racism has been on the rise since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and media outlets are reporting incidences of violence and discrimination similar to those that occurred during the 2003…

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